Voluntary Assisted Dying Information and Resources


As our Synod noted last year, many within our faith community hold diverse opinions on this topic.

… members of this Diocese may in good faith hold a diversity of opinions regarding how any proposed legislation on assisted dying is be assessed and responded to and encourages informed and respectful discussion and dialogue on these issues in parishes and communities.

The Social Responsibilities Commission feels there is great value in an informed Christian response to this proposed legislation and we encourage you to be active on this issue as your conscience dictates. The SRC does not advocate for or against Voluntary Assisted Dying. The material given here is for informational use only and no course of action is advised or discouraged.

Voluntary Assisted Dying Bill 2019

Light on Logic Summary by Archbishop Peter  Carnley AC (full text may be here)

Recommendations and Executive Summary from the  final report of the expert panel

Advocating to the Legislative Council Regarding VAD

Final Report of the Ministerial Expert Panel on VAD

AMA Position Statement on Euthanasia and Physician Assisted Suicide 2016

Australian Medical Association (WA) Statement on End-of-Life Choices and Pallative Care

The Gift of Life – Some Christological Reflections, the Rev’d Dr Gregory Seach